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 The offshore tax evasion situation has become so absurd that one five-story office building in the Caymans is now the "home" of nearly 20,000 corporations — and that is just one of many tax havens operating across the globe. (as of December 10, 2017)
This four part series explains what happens when people who hate Big Government take over DC? Go behind the scenes in The Swamp, a groundbreaking new documentary series now available on Facebook and YouTube. Joan of Arc Productions is endorsing this series because we understand that before we can address the problems in the United States, before we can make changes in

Senator Bernie Sanders Reveals "The Paradise Papers"

Washington D.C., we mustunderstand the world our legislators in DC (a.k.a. "The Swamp") face. It's time we let the alligators of The Swamp know, once and for all, that this nation was built for WE THE PEOPLE and not Of, By, and For the corporate elites, the very wealthy individuals whose only allegiance is to the almighty dollar.

Privacy Policy