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In today's times of uncertainty and confussion, it is important for all Americans to understand why America became the United States of America, and why we need to hold dear to our hearts and in our minds the essence of what it is to be an American; more specifically, what it is to be a human being with certain rights and a responsibilty to uphold our Constitution.
_____Approaching 1776 when the Declairation of Independence was signed and our foundation for law was written and made into our Constitution, the British colonists were embroiled in a paradox: Do we continue to allow King George to use our people for the sole purpose but to serve King George and the Imperical dictatorship of his kingdom, without regard to the needs of the colonists, or do we declaire ourselves an independent nation-state akin to the current government of the individual colonies (or states) and fight or die for Liberty. Both His Royal Majesty and his absolute power over all his colonies throughout the world, and the united colonies and their people, also royal subjects, had much to lose. I have included these segments to demonstrate the arrogance of King George, and how he had lied to the colonists about the recognition of the new state, The United States of America, about his actual intention. All the while, King George and the United Kingdom continued to prepare a striking blow to quell what they saw as treason and embarrasment to the ground. Spoiler Alert: They Lost! I say, let's keep it that way. _____After years of negotiation with King George, the colonists had been continually lied to and punished by British loyalists and soldiers in a manner tantamount to tyranny, it was decided by the colonies themselves to bring forth a vote to declare their full independence from the United Kingdom of Great Britain. Inspite of the efforts of King George to sway the colonists and their governors by any means, from outright bribery to the threat of painful death, King George allowed this meeting to take place, if only to expose the leadership of the rebellion. But the Governors and colonists knew that War was inevitable, the king untrue to his word having been anticipated.

Privacy Policy