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America in Distress: Money and Politics


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"Our Revolution" Trailer (2 min)

In this Pilot episode, we illustrate how corporations have put profits before people. The division between the most wealthy (a.k.a. the 1%) have grown at an exponential rate at the expense of 99% of the American population. "Money and Politics" is about greed and power, and how money affects politics in such a way as to negate the power of most of the American population. Professor Peter Mathews has coined the term Dollar Democracy, which is also the main title of his book.


We take the essence of the meaning to three important levels: 1) What is happening in America and to the public, 2) The key causes for why this is happening, 3) and the reaction of the American public to this crisis. We hope this episode will be successful in drawing people into positive action and rejecting the idea that the individual person does not have the power to react and therefore accept the conditions thrust upon them.



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Alan Brett Covey

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