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America in Distress: Money and Politics


In this Pilot episode, we illustrate how corporations have put profits before people. The division between the most wealthy (a.k.a. the 1%) have grown at an exponential rate at the expense of 99% of the American population. "Money and Politics" is about greed and power, and how money affects politics in such a way as to negate the power of most of the American population. Professor Peter Mathews has coined the term Dollar Democracy, which is also the main title of his book. U.S. Senator and 2016 Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders (I-VT) exclaims "The System is Rigged!", and as it turned out, he was right. Senator Sanders. U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) says


We take the essence of the meaning to three important levels: 1) What is happening in America and to the public, 2) The key causes for why this is happening, 3) and the reaction of the American public to this crisis. We hope this episode will be successful in drawing people into positive action and rejecting the idea that the individual person does not have the power to react and therefore accept the conditions thrust upon them.


America in Distress | OUR TIMES "Money in Politics" (Ep. 1) Storyline based in part on the book: "Dollar Democracy: With Liberty and Justice for Some; How to Reclaim the American Dream for All" (2nd edition) by Peter Mathews ISBN-13 978-1496059737

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Alan Brett Covey

Alan Covey

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Alan Brett Covey

Brett Covey


"Wrong Side of the Revolution" (cc)

"Revolution Now" (cc)

Josh Woodward


Featured Guests


Professor Peter Mathews

Professor Robert Reich

Richard Harmon (Real Estate Salesman)

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT)

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)

   U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ)

U.S. Congressman Walter Jones (R-NC)

U.S. Congresswoman Marci Kaptur (D-OH)




Adam Steel - Producer


"Reclaiming the American Dream"

Promotional Spot by Jon Brandon Cruz

Peter Mathews sizzle video


"A Child's Hunger Ends Here"

USA TODAY Charitable Foundation

and CongrFood Products (2011)


"Raise the Minimum Wage to $15/hr"

Provided by MoveOn.org, 2015

Presented by Robert Reich


"Robert Reich on Minimum Wage Increase"

Presented by Robert Reich

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"Nivana VIVO"

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A. Shamaluev


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Nicolai Heidlas

Chris Zabriskie

Josh Woodward


Segment Interviewers


 Adam Steel


Bill Maher

Thom Hartmann

Dan Rather

Adrianna Joy Jones

Judy Woodward


Producer - Grow Awareness


Real Time with Bill Mahar (HBO)

The Big Picture - Great Minds (RT)

Dan Rather Reports

PBS News Hour

LPAC Interviews




LaRouche PAC


LPAC Washington DC Corespondent

Adena Joy Jones inteviews Congressman Walter Jones (R-NC) about the need to reinstate Glass Steagall.

With Rep.s Marci Kaptur, Walter Jones

and Tulsi Gabbard.



LaRouche PAC


On February 1, 2017, Reps. Marcy Kaptur (D-OH), Walter Jones (R-NC), Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) and Tim Ryan (D-OH) introduced the "Return to Prudant Banking Act" H.R.790, into the 115th Congress.



"Corporations are Not People"


ABC Television Coverage of the 2012 DNC Convention presented by U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren


"Meet the Homeowners Hit Hard

by the Housing Crisis"


Featuring Real Estate Agent Richard Harmon

"Despirate Households", 2016

Produced by Journeyman Pictures, and

Produced by SBS Australia


Aaron Thomas

Tira Libert

Victoria Strobl

Nick O'Brien

Mark Maley




Local Producer








RT Television

TYT Politics Television

Journeyman Pictures

LPAC Television

Fox News



Odyssey Networks


ABC Television Network



U.S. National Archives

U.S. Library of Congress

Smithsonian Institute

Princeton University

Washington University


The Hill


CBS News


The Heritage Foundation

The Atlantic


Feeding America.org

Gilens & Page


"We Are the 99%"


Occupy Wall Street

and Occupy Pheonix

A Public Service Announcement


YouTube name: OccupyPheonixAZ



"Corruption is Legal in America"


Charts produced by Represent.US

Narration by Monsur Gadfar

Communications Director


YouTube name: Represent.US




Dan Rather Reports for HD NET

Guest: Elizabeth Warren

Interviewer: Dan Rather


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Wayne Nelson

Elliot Kurshner

Dana Roberson

Suzanne Nederlander


YouTube name: TheRatherReports

Email: viewer@hd.net




"Poor Kids preview: Kids Are All Too Aware"

Produced by "Frontline"

Produced for PBS News Hour

(c) 2013


"Real Time with Bill Maher"

Senator Elizabeth Warren

talks about our Minimum Wage

October 3, 2014

Produced for HBO


"See the Faces of Minimum Wage America"

TYT Politics: published May 9, 2016

segment about our Minimum Wage

Graphics: Burgerville Workers' Union Video


"Life at the Breaking Point"

"Faces of Poverty", 2012

Odyssey Networks





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America in Distress | OUR TIMES "Money in Politics" (Ep. 1) Storyline based in part on the book: "Dollar Democracy: With Liberty and Justice for Some; How to Reclaim the American Dream for All" (2nd edition) by Peter Mathews ISBN-13 978-1496059737

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