Created from a montage of clips from 2016 Presidential campaign footage, the award-winning short "The Most Shocking Second a Day", the 1999 version "The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc" and various news and stock footage, I put this video together to illustrate how quickly your life can change. "Pay Attention!" is an appropriate introduction to the overall goal of Joan of Arc Production: To bring attention to the problems society faces today, to educate about history, and to promote action and hopefully change people's minds in a positive way.

S1,Ep-01 (Pilot) [CC] We find ourselves, as a nation (the United States of America), at the doorstep of a growing world crisis. We are now facing the possibility of a war with North Korea, a growing economic meltdown, climate change, terrorism and ecological disasters. In this episode, "Money and Politics", we hope to expose the viewer to the primary reason of the breakdown of the middle class. We lay much of the blame on a corrupt political system as one cause.  But we also want to express the fact that there is a growing movement among citizens and good people in government that are working to reverse the trends that would eventually destroy ourselves, our country, our Constitution, and human rights. [Closed Captioning]

The work done by Josh Woodward and the film students at CSU encouraged me to "Sweeten" their music video for "Morning Blue."  Editing can be a kind of art, and it usually gives more than it takes..


Josh Woodward's work is used in the theme for the America in Distress series and as a kind of anthem for "Our Revolution" and other organizations.

Morning Blue

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